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Electric appliances and wires are wet

You’re almost done with a project when all of a sudden – boom! The power has gone out and you realize you lost all your work. Like many people, you may be working from home now or at least spending a lot more time at home, potentially with kids doing e-learning. You’re relying on your electrical connections now more than ever.

With spring showers and storms rolling in, power surges are always a possibility. A power surge is a sudden drastic increase in voltage. They have the ability to damage your electronic investments such as computers, entertainment equipment, lighting and even your HVAC unit. Nittolo & Son Electrical is here to ensure your protection.

Electrical Insurance

After your home and car, A/C and electrical equipment are your biggest personal investments. Insurance is available for your home and car – but not for your A/C or electronics.

Think of surge protection as insurance for what is inside your home. Surge protectors are able to take surges of excess energy and redirect them away from electronic devices. In the case of lightning strikes, the protectors act in the same way by directing the lightning away from your HVAC system – as far as a half mile away! Simple power strips often fail in system-wide power surges caused by weather or utility issues.

Whole-House Protection

A surge does not have to be grand in order to cause damage. Something as simple as a flickering of lights is considered a power surge.

Installed by professionals, whole-house surge protection is a true safeguard for your home. The protectors are installed in the main electrical panel of your home to protect electronics from external surges. This secures your cable and phone lines from any lightning strike or voltage spike from your utility provider.

If you live in the Madison or Rumson areas and want to lengthen your electrical equipment lifespan with whole-surge protection, check our coupons for savings. Contact us online or call us at (973) 377-2266 for any inquiries.

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