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Switches, Outlets, GFIs


There are never enough electrical outlets and switches in our homes – especially in older homes. The placement and number of outlets is an important convenience – and it’s also a good idea to make sure all outlets are up to date with the local codes.

The wiring in any older property may be damaged from wear or lack of proper insulation, resulting in dead sockets where there are too few anyway. Perhaps you have sockets that are not grounded well, or the wires are aluminum instead of copper. Hiring a licensed electrician to make the appropriate repairs and service to your wiring system ensures your safety and peace of mind.

GFCI outlet installation and repair services

Many older homes were built with outlets that are not grounded by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI or GFI). The GFCI outlets have that small button in the middle of the upper and lower prongs to allow reset when there’s an energy overload.

GFCI prevents surges – or shocks – from use of electrical appliances and other home and office equipment. And even though they may be needed only occasionally, they need to be working constantly – so regular inspection is a good idea.

Choosing an electrician to install electrical switches

Whether you need upgrades to your electrical outlets and switches, or repair service for your GFCI outlets, we have trained and licensed electricians who can cover this in a service call (or include an inspection and service along with another call).

Extra Service – Not only do we take care of the wiring itself, but we will also patch any openings we make along the way. You’re our neighbor and we respect your property.

Dimmer switch installation

Dimmer switches can make a serious impact on your electric bill – reducing your energy output as well as providing ambiance in multipurpose rooms. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust light levels from dark to full light by adjusting a knob or lever. We can install dimmer switches where you didn’t have them before – it’s an easy way to customize your lighting and we can help you plan a logical placement for your floor plan.

For anything related to electrical socket installation or repair services, contact Nittolo & Son Electrics to set an appointment or get more information.