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Phone Jacks/Cable Outlets

Phone Jack / Cable Outlet Installation for New Jersey

Although we’re becoming increasingly wireless with our communication, there’s still a need for home phone jack and cable outlet installations, and we are here to help.

Phone jack wiring

Many homes are wired for telephones, and many of us people still like to have a home line for personal use. We have extensive experience with phone jack installation and wiring and can wire a new home or provide additional phone jacks to an existing system.

Cable outlet wiring

People sometimes ask us, ‘Do I need an electrician to install a cable outlet?’ We recommend that you do. We install cable outlets and run lines to multiple rooms if needed… and it’s done inside your walls. All to code, using the latest in cable wire technology. And no unsightly cables crawling along baseboards or around doors.

Re-routing unsightly overhead wires

Older homes have amazing charm – but they usually also have old-school wiring. Whether it’s new construction or a remodel, we can turn your overhead service into an underground system which will eliminate unsightly wires going from the edge of your roof to the local power source.

Pre-wiring for home theater installations

While we don’t install complex home entertainment systems, we can pre-wire with the latest wiring technology to ensure your system operates properly.

Whether it’s a phone jack or cable outlet installation, or any kind of wiring upgrade – contact
Nittolo & Son Electric to take care of any home wiring need.