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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan InstallationProfessionally installed and properly operated ceiling fans are an effective way to reduce energy and increase air flow.

Summer savings – While a ceiling fan doesn’t actually reduce the temperature in a room, it can create air movement that makes the air feel cooler and more comfortable. It’s important to use the fan only when people are in the room to experience this effect – and it’s important not to install a ceiling fan too high for the air flow to reach the people below.

Winter savings – When ceiling fan blades are in a clockwise, or reverse, mode, the fan blades force air up toward the ceiling, drawing heat up and circulating it down without causing an uncomfortable breeze. This can assist in effectively heating a room at a lower temperature.

Ceiling fan selection and placement

It’s important to consider room size and activity when choosing a ceiling fan. For example, a typical 36-inch fan will push air about 6 feet from the center of the fan, a 48-inch fan will cover almost 8 feet, and a 56-inch fan will reach out as much as 10 feet.

The tip of the fan blades should not be closer than 30 inches from the walls or other surfaces, and the bottom edges of the blades should measure a minimum of 7 feet above the floor.

Maximizing your energy savings is all about choosing the right size fan for the area.

Ceiling fan installers

Ceiling fan installation is one of those things that is popular with do-it-yourselfers. It seems like a relatively easy project, but there’s more to it than you might think.

For example, selecting the right ceiling fan electrical box that will support the weight of the fan is critical –a typical light fixture box will result in fan failure. The electrical box for the ceiling fan has to be able to support not only the fixture itself, but also the fan assembly, motor, and the spinning blades.

Do I need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Technically, you don’t. However, anyone who’s been under a shaky, wobbly ceiling fan can attest to the fact that it may be better to trust the experts when it comes to installing an electronically-driven fan above one’s head.

For ceiling fan installation or any electrical service, Nittolo & Son Electric is here to help. Contact us today for an appointment or more information.