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Arc Fault Breakers

An arc fault breaker or circuit interrupter (AFCI) is a device that breaks the circuit when it detects a voltage arc in the circuit. It’s a safety measure against electrical fires starting during power surges.

Arc faults usually occur when loose or damaged connections contact each other. This causes sparking (aka arcing) between them and creates a buzzing, hissing, or popping noise. The resulting heat breaks down the insulation of the wire, which in turn can cause an electrical fire.

Detecting these arcs is crucial. Since they do not come into contact with a ground wire, they may not trip the circuit breaker. Arc fault breakers are specially designed to detect arc faults and shut down circuits when this happens. They are smart devices – able to distinguish between harmless arcs (occurring normally when you use some electric equipment or appliances) and ones that are potential fire hazards because they can ignite surrounding material, such as wood or insulation.

Electricians for arc fault breakers

You may not realize you need arc fault breakers – but a good electrician, upon inspection, is able to identify any service, maintenance, or upgrades that may be needed.

For any electrical services, including service on arc fault breakers, contact Nittolo & Son Electric to set up an appointment or get more information. We’re happy to help.