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Wiring Upgrades


We’re known in Morris and Monmouth County for providing expert wiring upgrades for homes. So, if your home wiring suffers from simple everyday use (e.g. plugging too many things into one outlet), keep in mind that it can become exposed and pose a safety hazard.

Wiring upgrades for aluminum wires

Homes built around 50 years ago often have aluminum instead of copper wiring. Aluminum is inferior as it builds up more heat than copper and causes the wires to stretch and move. This may result in the wires moving over or against other surfaces. It is not only damaging to the wiring, but the overheating can cause arcs - both are serious fire hazards. Signs include:

  • Damaged appliances
  • Blowing circuits
  • Burning around outlets

Wiring upgrades for knob and tube

Homes built 100 to 150 years ago had “knob and tube” wiring originally installed. While this system is generally fine, splicing and alterations over the years (to make it compatible with modern appliances) are usually done incorrectly, creating a fire hazard.

Important Fact: Home insurers will not cover homes with knob and tube wiring. The statistics simply show it to be a bad risk.

Wiring upgrades for remodeling or renovation

Are you planning to install accent lights or dimmer switches? Perhaps you have a significant number of sophisticated electronic devices, or you just purchased a new entertainment system. Whatever the case, let us upgrade your wiring, install USB plugins, or provide additional circuitry. We can inspect your current system (pun intended) and help you decide on the best course of action for an upgrade.

Best electrician to rewire my home

Nittolo & Son! We remove the old wiring, install modern upgrades, and bring residential wiring up to code. We have a wealth of experience with wiring upgrades for homes in the coastal and central New Jersey area, and our licensed electricians are trained to do the job safely and efficiently. We are locally owned and operated – we’re your neighbors – and we care about a job well done.

So, when you need an electrician for electrical/wiring services, contact us for a free estimate or to get more information. We’ll be happy to help.