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Surge Protection


More than ever before, you rely on electricity to power more and more devices in your home. Surge protection is a must if you want to protect your investment. Especially when many of these require specific programming and customization.

  • Computers
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers/Fax Machines
  • Special lighting
  • Tablets
  • Televisions

What causes a power surge?

A power surge may be caused by a lightning strike during a storm or simply a disruption in the flow of electricity when your air conditioner or refrigerator kicks on and off. Any type of power surge can result in damage to your devices.

Do I need surge protection?

The answer is yes. A surge protector can take surges of excess energy and redirect them away from your electronic devices. Simple power strips provide some surge protection for electronics and appliances. However, they may fail in the event of a system-wide power surge caused by inclement weather and utility problems. They can also fail due to power demands of HVAC systems and refrigerators.

Why whole-house surge protection?

With professionally installed surge protection, by a trusted electrician, you get the peace of mind knowing your entire home is covered. We install surge protectors in the main electrical panel of your home to protect all of your electronics from external surges. This protects phone and cable lines coming in from electrical spikes caused by lightning strikes or voltage spikes from your utility provider. Do keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to double up with power strips for especially sensitive electronic devices.

Expert home surge protector installation

Nittolo & Son Electric will install surge protection directly into your home’s electrical panel safely and quickly. Let us help you protect your expensive equipment by contacting us today for more information or to set an appointment.