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Service Upgrades & Sub Panels


The service panel (or fuse box) is the central nervous system of your electrical system. It’s important to have your system up to code to avoid fire or other safety hazards. We are the service panel electricians of choice in Morris and Monmouth Counties, and throughout coastal and central New Jersey thanks to our outstanding technicians. And the fact that we treat you and your property with respect.

Circuit breaker panel services

There are a lot of reasons for having an electric service panel inspections, including:

  • breakers tripping frequently
  • lights flickering
  • non-working outlets
  • adding on to your home or business
  • outdated wiring

Power surges causing frequently tripped breakers may indicate a problem with your wiring system. An inspection may reveal that you need a circuit breaker panel replacement or just upgrades in parts of your property. If so, we can install sub-panels to accommodate more circuits. We frequently install sub-panels to handle the increased circuitry that comes with adding rooms, garages, or guest quarters.

Service panel installation and upgrades

We do all types of electric breaker panel installation, service, and upgrades. Our licensed electricians keep up with the latest technology and local codes. And when we perform an inspection, you can be sure our recommendation includes services that bring your system up to code and in compliance with safety standards.

Upgrading from fuse box

Fuse boxes incorporate older technology. They work to shut off power when an overload is detected. Unfortunately, they use metal filaments that melt (or “blow”) to shut off the electrical current. Blown fuses have to be replaced. Circuit breakers are newer technology that switches off power when there’s an overload. We recommend replacing fuse boxes with electrical panels that use circuit breakers.

Upgrading to increase power

A service panel that uses circuit breakers may not be large enough to handle the demands of today’s “smart” appliances and electronic devices. As your power demands increase, you need a service panel that can handle the job safely.

Contact us if you have concerns and we can inspect for possible service panel issues. Your safety is our number one concern.