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Recessed Lighting



Nittolo & Son Electric provides recessed lighting services for Morris and Monmouth Counties, and throughout coastal and central New Jersey. Recessed lighting (aka ‘can’ lighting) is a popular way to provide a custom feel to your home. The fixtures are mounted inside your ceiling to maintain the look of a flat ceiling and eliminate the need for hanging fixtures or floor lamps. With proper placement, recessed lighting also distributes ambient light more evenly throughout a room.

Recessed lighting design and installation

Nittolo & Son Electric provides recessed lighting design and installation as part of new construction or a home remodel. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve, including effects and location, Then we review wattage, types of switches and dimmers, and more. Once approved, we offer the finest installation service available.

An electrician for recessed lighting installation

Did you know some recessed lighting fixtures are not rated for direct contact with insulation? There are many factors that must work together for safety with any electrical installation. Our technicians are all experts, trained to know the technology, codes, and requirements of this industry.

Our boutique touch

When you’re upgrading to recessed lighting, it’s necessary to open up part of the ceiling. Nittolo & Son Electric provides closure on any openings by patching and spackling them, all ready for painting. Again, it’s the Nittolo & Son way!

Recessed lighting repair and maintenance

We also provide recessed lighting service and maintenance. For example, many customers are switching over to LED lights for energy efficiency. And while the wiring is the same, the fixtures are different.

Update your home with custom recessed lighting

Want to change your home’s look? Recessed lighting is a great option. It doesn’t take up any space light compared to a regular light fixture. And it works with any room décor, regardless of ceiling height. Contact us today for an estimate or more information on recessed lighting design and installation.