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Our focus at Nittolo & Son for more than 15 years is on servicing all things electrical for homes in north, central and coastal New Jersey. Our team is made up of trusted and certified electricians and technicians, and our hard work ethic can be traced back to our founder, James F. Nittolo Sr.

Remembering our Dad

James F. Nittolo Sr.’s passion in electrical work first sparked in 1950. At that time he was a part of the Navy during the Korean War. Nittolo’s interest did not lessen after leaving the Navy in 1955; he continued his training at home. That same year Nittolo went on to start his own company, James F. Nittolo Electrical Contractors. Shortly after, Nittolo settled down with Joanna and had three kids, James Jr., Mary and John.

While James Jr. and John learned their father’s trade and helped the family business, Mary enrolled in college for business administration. In 2001, John ended up taking over the family company due to their father passing away. To honor his dad, John renamed the company “John F. Nittolo & Son”. Although its base is in Madison, the company grew to serve north, central, and coastal Jersey.

Our Services

With numerous years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial electricity on our backs, our services cover all electrical needs. We cover generators, surge protection, wiring upgrades, lighting installations, and more. Living in an area with an increased outage risk, it is important to make sure all units of your system are protected and working properly. This is especially true in the summer when the only thing your loved ones will want is a cool and comfortable home.

Ensuring your family’s safety is our top priority. That’s the Nittolo & Son way! Interested in working with us? Contact us online or call us at (973) 377-2266 .

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