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Heart lightbulb gift

Roses are red, violets are blue, are new lights in store for you? Love is in the air this month … Do it some justice by spicing things up in your home!

Lighting installation is a beautiful way to update any room or home overall. Instead of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts this year, why not make an extra investment into a gift that continues to shine a light all year long? Nittolo & Son, serving north central NJ and the Jersey coast, is prepared for any installation!

Here are three ways that new light installations may benefit you and your home:

Added Security to your Home

Ensure the security of your home with the installation of security lights. These lights can range from motion detectors, timed lights and lights that highlight any and all vulnerable spots of your home. Oftentimes homeowners are quick to install their lighting at the front of the house while leaving the most vulnerable area open – the back! Security lights deter crime and aid in repelling unwanted guests from intruding on your property.

Safety for all Guests

While it may not appear to be so, an unlit property can pose a threat to you and your guests. When the sun goes down, so does the visibility of certain obstacles that may cross your path.

Someone having a critical fall from accidentally overstepping or tripping over something is the last thing you want to have happened on your property. Consider installing outdoor lights in areas such as the driveway, entryway, sidewalk, and garage. On top of increasing safety for your guests, a lit home will be easier to identify!

Increased Functionality

Visibility is not the only thing that goes down along with the sun, the fun does too. Unlit exterior living areas are unusable after dark. Maximize the experience for your guests by showing light on your back patio, front lawn, deck, wherever it may be. Relax and enjoy the day even after dusk.

New lighting installation is a gift that will help you and your loved ones continue to make loving memories as the year continues to unfold. Make sure to always trust a professional to get thejob done. That is why we are here to help you any way we can, no matter how small the job! That’s the Nittolo & Son way! Call us at (973) 377-2266 or contact us online for moreinformation.

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