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Did you know that the majority of house fires occur due to electrical problems? Every year there are thousands of deaths, injuries and millions left with damaged property. Spring is the perfect time to inspect the conditions of your home. Nittolo & Son in Madison and Rumson, NJ happily stand by you for all your needs. Ensure your family’s wellbeing with these egg-cellent spring safety tips:

Wire Threats

Quality wiring is a first step in home safety. If left damaged, they not only increase your risk of a power shortage, but they can also cause permanent damage. However, here are some things you can do as a responsible homeowner:

  • Remove extension cords and wires that run through high traffic areas in your home. Not only does this pose as a tripping hazard, but it can also ruin them over time.
  • Store unused wires safely out of reach of children.
  • Avoid overloading circuits. A circuit that is pushed beyond its limits may overheat, leading to a potential fire.
  • Use designated cords for designated areas of your home. An indoor extension cord is not meant to withstand the elements of the outside world. The combination of spring showers and heat cause breakdown resulting in shock, sparks or fire.

Water Awareness

Electrical outlets that are located near water sources such as a bathroom sink should be GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets. Water acts as a conductor, and any contact with electrical outlets or units poses a threat.

  • Always be mindful when using electrical appliances in these areas.
  • When cleaning your home take time to dry your hands before touching outlets or appliances.
  • If an electrical fire emerges, do not put it out with water. Instead, use a fire extinguisher and call your local fire emergency services immediately.

Electrical Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance every fall and spring can save your household more than just money. The professionals at Nittolo & Son will check your electrical units for any needed repairs and troubleshooting. Regular maintenance catches potential problems before it’s too late, providing safety all year ‘round.

Give yourself a fresh start for spring with these electrical safety guidelines. As always, if you live in the Rumson or Madison areas and suspect electrical problems, don’t hesitate to call Nittolo & Son. Hop to it and give us a call at (973) 377-2266 or contact us online.

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