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Are you one of those homeowners who can’t wait to decoratetheir home in holiday lights, or are you one who waits until the last snowfall? Regardless of where you stand – it is a very time-consuming activity, not to mention a potentially dangerous one at that.

Let’s ensure that your holiday season is full of sparkle andsafety, from setup to storage. Celebrate with a peace of mind by following these five safety tips:

  • Beforebeginning installation, check the condition of your lights, looking for frayedwires, loose connections or broken sockets. Repair or replace anything damaged.
  • Professionalsrecommend no more than three sets of holiday lights per single extension cord.Going over that amount could increase the likelihood of overheating. Powerstrips offer some surge protection, but can fail during a rough winter storm. Asafer option would be whole-housesurge protection by a trained electrician, that can protect your home all year ‘round.
  • Wantingto decorate the outside of your home? Make sure to use outdoor and indoor lightsaccordingly. Indoor lights are not constructed to handle the fluctuations ofthe outdoors. They lack the necessary insulation that only outdoor lights have.
  • Considerswapping your nails and screws for light clips instead. Nails and screws aremore likely to cause light malfunctions, puncture the wires, or even shock theinstaller.
  • Whenit comes time to take down your lighting decor, be conscious of how they arebeing stored. Store lights by wrapping strands around a piece of stiffcardboard and storing in a water-tight container. Not only will this preventmess and stress, but tangled lights can lead to damaged cords.

It’s a wonderful season for the twinkling glow of holidaylights, and you can relax in the holiday spirit by knowing that following these holiday light safety tips will help prevent serious accidents or injuries.

And if we can help with any electrical issues that may arise when you’re installing your holiday lights, contact Nittolo and Son at (973) 377-2266 or online.

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