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Surge Protectors

August probably has your head spinning with back-to-school shopping lists and trying to squeeze in some last-minute summer fun. And before you know it, kids will be heading back to school, if they aren’t already with their new backpacks, notebooks, and pencils in hand.

As your family gets into a new school year routine, it’s also a good time to evaluate your home’s electrical needs and make sure everything is in proper working order. Below are some important checklist items from our Nittolo & Son Electrical team.

Surge Protectors

A surge protector can’t last forever, and when it stops functioning, it no longer protects your electrical system from harmful surges. Surge protectors put themselves between the outlet and your electronics. Without a surge protector, any occasional spike in the power grid can push a sudden high voltage of electricity into your devices and damage them. You want a surge protector to regulate a steady amount of electricity flowing to your electronic devices.

Some surge protectors come with warning lights that should let you know when they stop working. However, these aren’t always reliable, and there’s really no other way to tell when the surge protector stops functioning. If you’re not sure if it’s working, it’s a good idea to go ahead and replace it.


Check your fuses. You can prevent fuses from blowing and losing electricity when you proactively check on them. Use a multimeter, a handheld instrument that measures electric current, to make sure that your fuses are in good working order.

To check your fuses with the multimeter, place the fuse on a non-conducting surface, such as wood or plastic. Touch the metal ends of the fuse with the metal tips of the multimeter. (If you want to test a fuse still on the circuit, turn off the power to avoid a harmful shock.) If the reading on the multimeter changes to a low resistance value, your fuses are good. If the meter doesn’t change and shows 100 percent resistance, that means your fuse is blown.

If your fuse is bad, contact Nittolo & Son Electrical at (973) 377-2266 for replacement help.

Electrical Filters

An electrical filter functions similar to a surge protector but works for your home’s entire electrical system. Electronics, such as your computer, television, and microwave, can produce what is known as “dirty electricity.” It is said to be caused by a variety of electrical devices, dimmer light switches, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. It should be noted that “dirty electricity” is not actually a scientific term. It refers to electricity that has been transformed or “corrupted.” Dirty electricity can cause health problems like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

An electrical filter helps to keep it of your home, and you can test the amount of dirty electricity in your home with a high-frequency radiation meter. Nittolo & Son Electrical can also come out, test the levels of dirty electricity, and even install an electric filter for your home.

If you live in the Madison and Rumson areas and have other electricity concerns or needs in your home, call Nittolo & Son Electrical at (973) 377-2266 or contact us online.

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