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Finding the right electrician can feel as impossible as theTune Squad winning the game against the Monstars in Space Jam. But itdoesn’t have to be that way. We’ve compiled five questions that you should askyour electrician to ensure they’re a slam dunk. Take a look!

The Warm-Up

1. Are you licensed in this state?

            More oftenthan not, you can find this information on your electrician’s website. (Ours isright on our About Me page.)It’s important to know that your electricians are trained to do what you’re hiringthem for!

2. Do you have insurance?

            Electricalwork can be dangerous, even when professionals take the lead. Insuranceprotects the electrician on the job andyou. That’s what we call a win-win.

The Game Play

3. Can you provide me with an estimate?

            Everyelectrician should be able to provide you with an estimate, and the best oneswill do it for free. If you need to find out how much a project will cost, ask us!

4. What’s your experience with this type of work?

            Experiencedand trustworthy electricians are hard to find. At least, they were before youread this. Our owner, John Nittolo, has over 30 years of experience inresidential, commercial and industrial electricity.

The Slam Dunk

5. Does your work come with a warranty?

            A warrantyis necessary for your peace of mind. Nittolo & Son knows that, so we offera 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Nittolo & Son provided the finest electrical services inthe area. Our friendly and skilled technicians treat your situation, and home,as if it were theirs.

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