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Is your technology protected? As we incorporate electronic devices more and more into our day-to-day, the potential damage from a power surge grows. Learn how a surge protector can keep your home safe below.

1. They manage the electric flows for you.

Handling electric flows is no easy feat, that’s why it’s important to hire professional electricians to manage them.

2. They prevent harm to you and your family.

Electrical surges can result in electrocution to individuals or an outburst of fire from appliances.

3. They stop power system issues.

If your home doesn’t have a proper flow of electricity, you can expect blown fuses, shortages, and other problems. Surge protects allow your circuits to function more reliably than they would on their own.

4. They offer more protection than power strips.

While cheaper, power strips are merely an extension of your wall outlet. Most have a circuit breaker (on/off switch) but rarely do they offer any surge protection.

5. You can get it for $50 off right now.

Protect your computers, home entertainment system, and kitchen appliances from destructive surges for cheaper than ever when you install whole house surge protection with Nittolo and Son. /Claim the offer today./

Don’t let a spike in your home’s electrical current destroy your technology. Call Nittolo & Son (973) 377-2266 today to install whole house surge protection in your home.

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