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As the calendar turns, and we hit a new year and a new decade, do you find yourself looking at December’s electric bill in shock and saying what the heck?! Saving on energy and cutting costs is much easier than you may think. Make your money-saving resolutions stick this year with Nittolo & Son’s 20 ways to save on energy in 2020!

  1. Inspect the seals on all your windows, appliances, and doors. Any faulty seals will create energy leaks.
  2. Tune-up leaky faucets in your home. Those small drips can add up to gallons of water wasted annually.
  3. Cut back a couple of minutes on your shower time. By doing so, you will be conserving roughly 10-15 gallons of water use during a 10-minute shower.
  4. Exchange your showerhead for a low flow showerhead. Like cutting back on shower time, this will also help save gallons of water.
  5. Lower the temperature of the water heater. Water heaters are typically set to 140 degrees, by lowering it to 120 degrees you’ll be saving on your bill while still heating the essentials.
  6. Opt for using warm or cold water to wash your laundry instead of hot. This will lighten the load of your water heater.
  7. Keep your dryer clean. Take the time to remove the lint out of the lint trap, as well as periodically removing it from the ductwork of your dryer.
  8. Give your laundry an extra spin in the washer. Doing this saves up to half of the drying time! You may even consider air-drying a few items in the warmer months.
  9. Bundle up or dress down instead of adjusting the thermostat. A sweater or shorts can make all the difference.
  10. Keep the oven door closed when in use. Every time you take a peek, the internal temperature of the oven drops down 25 degrees making your oven work harder.
  11. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. While it can appear to cost more upfront, these appliance styles actually save more long term.
  12. Clean your refrigerator coils twice a year. Vacuuming and brushing the coils in the back and or bottom ease the pressure on your fridge.
  13. Turn your electronics completely off when not in use. Even when putting electronics on standby mode energy is still being silently drained. Plug your electronics into a power strip and just turn the strip off whenever needed.
  14. Switch the fan on before touching your thermostat. By utilizing the fan, you are using a fraction of what an air conditioner uses while still noticeable cooling your home down.
  15. Changeover to energy-smart bulbs. LED lights have been proven to use at least 75 percent less than typical incandescent lights.
  16. Inspect the air ducts in your home. Call a professional to inspect for holes, clogs, and leaks in your ductwork. These all contribute to leaks in your wallet!
  17. Change your air filters monthly. A clogged or dirty air filter prevents proper airflow leading to more energy use.
  18. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Control the temperature of your home by setting it to energy-efficient mode even when you are away.
  19. Install extra insulation in your home. The added insulation will decrease the need for heating and prevent freezing pipes in the colder months.
  20. Schedule regular maintenance. Annual maintenance prevents system failure that may have gone unnoticed.

Do you live in the Madison or Rumson areas and you want to ensure that you and your wallet are cruising smoothly throughout the year? Check something off your 2020 to-do list and get any service appointments pre-scheduled now. Give Nittolo & Son a call at (973) 377-2266 .

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